Toru Namekawa Residency



We are very please to announce the 2nd artist to be awarded the TORU NAMEKAWA RESIDENCY is Alison Carpenter Hughes.

Alison will be joining us early next year to begin her 3 month paid residency.









24-hour access to 250 square foot studio for 3 months

Minimum £500 cash stipend

Technical/critical support where requested & optional solo show


Meinichi, is the anniversary day marking a loved ones passing. In Japan this day is marked on the first, third, seventh, 13th, 17th, 23rd 27th and 33rd year, respectively.

It gives us great honour to announce that studionAme Leicester C.i.C has founded an artist residency to both celebrate and carry the name of Toru Namekawa, beyond the 33rd year anniversary of his passing. The first award will took place at the launch party of our sister organisation studio name Ltd on the 17th of November 2016.

The 2nd Awarded Artist: Alison Carpenter Hughes

Alison began her residency on the 15th of January and has received a free studio space for 4 months, a cash stipend of over £600 and critical and atgerialq support in realising her work.

Alisons solo show will open on the evening of the 22nd of June 2018 (6-9pm)

and will be open to the general public until the 06/06/2018.

The 1st Awarded Artists: Indre Rimselyte

Using oil paints Indre Rimselyte creates figurative paintings of different realities and fantasy worlds. She is inspired by her dreams and nature which the artist communicates through painting on canvas. Indre is currently most interested in the relationship between humans and animals, how there is a distinct separation between the two regardless that humans are classified as animals in the biological kingdoms. She also explores that childhood is when we most believe that our dreams and daily lives are magical. The art movement which closely relates to her practice is magical realism, this is something she has been passionate in from a young age.