Project Space

Tim Fowler – Solo Show 2020

Tom Van Herrewege – solo show 2020

Community Open Show 2020

Artist Matt Macken – solo show 2020

When the world changes you better change with it.

Very proud to say that Northside Bikes has provided possibly the most important installation at our project space yet, by turning it into a Key Worker Bike station and repair centre.


Akira Ishiguro – Toru Namekawa International Residency – solo show November 2019


Willow Stacey’s “Things Men Say”



Tim Fowler delivered a stunning 2 week long show of entirely new works: “Alpha Male” drew large crowds for its PV and a strong audience throughout its run.

Coming soon: David Sowerby @ Studioname

Masaya Eguchi – The Toru Namekawa International Residency (2018)

Adam Khalifa – The Toru Namekawa Local Residency (2018)


Alison Carpenter-Hughes – The Toru Namekawa Local Residency (2018)


Tom Van Herrewege – Solo show (2018)


Indre Rimsilyte – The Toru Namekawa Local Residency


Studioname artists Group show (2017)

More to follow!