Toru Namekawa International Residency

Founded in memory of Toru Namekawa, the International residency allows local artists to practice and network in Japan, where craftsmanship, skill and tradition are the key elements of art making. In return, the residency supports Japanese artists practice in the UK, where discourse, expression and experimentation are the key elements of art making.

We can and do need to learn from one another.


Supported by Arts Council England in providing accommodation, studio, travel expenses and stipend.


Masaya Eguchi/ Studioname/ Leicester / 2018

Alison Carpenter Hughes / Arts Chioda 3331/ Tokyo/ 2019

Akira Ishiguro/ Studioname/ Leicester/ 2019

Yan Chen/ Youkobo Arts/ Tokyo/ 2019

Tom Van Herrewege/ Tenjinyama/ Sapporo/ Delayed due to COVID 2020,21,22…